Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School Linky

I'm linking up with Jessica at I Heart Recess for her Back to School Linky and my first ever linky party! Yay! I hope I get this right! 

Personal: I enjoy reading so much, but during the school year I feel like I never have time to read my kind of books! This year I want to try and make a point to also read for my enjoyment! Usually during the school year, I usually only read "teachery" books. 

Organization: I really want to try and keep my desk clean all of the time. Each year I seem to get a little bit better at it, but it still isn't perfect. I've got to control my paper piles!

Planning: As I was blog stalking all summer (before taking the leap myself), I kept seeing people rave about the Erin Condren planner. I scoped things out and decided I want this. I can be frugal, so when I spend money, it holds me accountable. This should do the same! I can't wait for my Aug. 7 delivery! I hope to do my planning on Friday evenings for the following week. 

Professional: I plan to read Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. Again, I discovered this book by reading some blogs that have a book talk about it! As I read, I plan to go back to those blogs and read their posts and do some reflecting myself!

Students: My goal for my students at the beginning of the year is to get down all the routines and procedures. I like to incorporate music and sign language into my routines, so it's a little different from other teachers they've had in the past and sometimes takes a little bit to catch on. Once they have it, though, they love it! I also want them to get in the habit of organizing their desk every day first thing when they come into the classroom. (I will be their role model, because mine will be clean too!)

Motto: Being flexible is the best piece of advice I can offer and have learned over the years. We all know how much things can change on any given day! Being flexible is a valuable skill for our kids to know also.

Well, on the blogging front I figured out how to add some buttons to my page! I'm a fourth grade blogger, Iowa blogger, and a Bloglovin Blogger. Slowly but surely here! My biggest problem now is that I always want to be on the computer and not keeping up my housework! Anyone else have that problem? See you all later!

I'm now on BLOGLOVIN!

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Here I am! I hope to get some followers!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome to My Blog!

I am taking the leap into the blog world! I've been a blog stalker hopper for a few years! I am finally tired of just reading. I want to join in on the fun too. I titled my blog this because my last name is really hard to say and I didn't grow up in the town I now live and teach in, so most people call me Mrs. T and I thought it flowed well!

My name is Abbey and I teach fourth grade. I teach in a smaller, rural school. We have two homerooms for each grade level K-5. Our K-12 is all in one connected building, so it is nice we can utilize the high schoolers and their class work. In August, I will be starting my 11th year, all at the same school. I was a sub for one year before that. I first taught third grade for three years before moving to fourth. 

I look forward to sharing ideas, things about me, and what my students love. I can't lie - I am looking forward to some linkie parties too! Thanks for stopping by and helping me take the leap! Talk to you soon. (I'm definitely thinking about getting (buying) a cooler design, so if it changes, that is why! It might be less of a headache for me! Lol. Any suggestions?

Abbey (Mrs. T)