Friday, August 9, 2013

5 for Friday! 8/9

Hi Everyone! This is my first 5 for Friday Linky! At family things we'll randomly call out "Random" when we feel someone says something just a little bit random! :)

 1. My week started with a birthday party for my baby girl! This is a pic of the Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly I got to put over a brick of cream cheese! Dip with Wheat Thins! YUM! I was worried I wasn't doing something right with how clumpy it was, so had to text friends...random!

2. I have been working on lots of crafts as you can see here. I've got my sign from Shannon at Sweet Blessings! You can print a copy here! I made the infamous READ letters - a set for me and a set for my mom at her library! (These make great gifts for your favorite librarian!) You can see my glittered clothespins and my Today is vinyl.
3. I wanted to work in my classroom this week. Here's an empty before pic. NO can do! The janitor that waxes the floor wired the doors shut. Apparently he doesn't trust us to read the DO NOT ENTER - WET WAX! signs that are plastered posted everywhere. I really wish I would've gotten a pic of that for you all to see!

4. I'm on the pool board for our town. We've had to close down 3 times because we can't get a guard to work. Tues. (the hottest day of the week) I took 4 complaints, so we called a meeting today. Hopefully we'll be staying open through next week. We went swimming every day this week!
5. Yesterday I got to babysit my sweet, adorable, snuggly, need I go on?, great-niece Norah Jean. She's a total sweetheart! Her mama went to the dentist while we snuggled! You can't snuggle a baby too much right?!?

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Tomorrow's blog post-accepting the Liebster Award! Yay!

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  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from Five for Friday! Congratulations on your first post with the linky! It's so fun to see everyone's "random." Enjoy the rest of your summer with your family!

    Sweet in Seventh